There Are Two Types of Brief Writers: Those Who Stress About Briefs, and Liars.

Most Brief Writers Stress. You Don't Have To.

My Workshop Will Show You How to Avoid Expensive & Time-Consuming Multiple Rounds of Creative. For Instance, You’ll:

  • Learn the two most important characteristics that all great brief writers have in common…and find out how you may have these qualities even if you think you don’t!
  • Understand the five most common mistakes brief writers make and how to avoid them…including the mistake that happens before a single word is written!
  • Identify three aspects all inspired creative briefs have in common…including a secret used by the best brief writers that will instantly inspire your creative partners to start riffing on ideas even before the meeting is over.

And much, much more.

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Everyone Knows What A Creative Brief Should Accomplish. Why Is It So Hard to Get There?

When done right, the creative brief delivers magic. It has the power to focus intent and provide clarity for your brand. It contains the keys to engaging the hearts and minds of your customers.

The best creative briefs, from start to finish, tell a story.

So, what’s the problem?

If I had to boil it down to a couple words, I’d say: Information overload.

We want to give our creative partners all the valuable information we think they need so they can hit home runs. Information is good. Too much, especially not the right information, is bad.

How do you know when you’re going overboard? If you write more than one page, you’re in trouble.


I sympathize. The thing is, in creative-brief world, less is absolutely more. In this workshop, you’ll learn to write a short, inspiring brief because:

First, I’ll share my deep learning with you. I’ve read more creative briefs than any sane person probably should have, and I’ve gleaned more than a few insights from these briefs, good ones as well as not-so-good ones.

Second, I’ll share examples of brilliant briefs written by the best brief writers in the U.S. and the UK, birthplace of the creative brief.

The creative brief is the most important building block, the foundation, of any creative project. You need a good creative brief to get good creative—and the more inspired the brief the better.

Writing A Creative Brief is Hard, But I Will Show You How to Become More Proficient at This All-important Task!

My extensive experience as a workshop leader 19 years includes over 100 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) workshops, along with dozens of virtual workshops. My critically acclaimed book about creative briefs was inspired by this workshop.

You could spend gobs of time learning the ins and outs of creative briefs through trial and error and countless rounds of creative reviews. But there is an easier way. I have already done the work for you. So, all you really need to do is sign up for this workshop.

Is This Creative Briefs Workshop For You?

Yes—if you’re on either the client or agency-side and you write, contribute to or work from a creative brief. In this Workshop, you will:

  • Read first-hand examples of great briefs
  • Understand the mechanics of a great brief
  • Discuss these briefs and weigh in with your thoughts. You don’t even have to agree with me—and you’ll have the chance to state your objections
  • Review the creative results inspired by specific briefs. Did the brief do enough to guide the creative? Prepare for a lively discussion and some disagreement.

Inspired Creative Briefs Lead to Inspired Creative.

A good creative brief is a catalyst…a roadmap with guardrails…a document that lights the way, and identifies the most-important thing you want to say about your product, often called a single-minded proposition. A great brief also draws a detailed picture of the customer, something interesting about him or her or the business situation, highlights the brand personality, and focuses the team—leading to exhilarating creative results, in fewer rounds.

A memorable rule-of-thumb is: A clear and simple brief is better than a clever one!

Don’t Expect a Dull, Boring Lecture. This Workshop Is Packed With Interactive Exercises And Insight-Sharing That Will Illustrate:

√ Why the best creative briefs are built on feelings and facts alike

√ The important questions every inspired creative brief must tackle

√ Why genuine understanding, authentic emotions and resonating stories are crucial

√ Words matter. How the right vocabulary (no jargon) can eliminate confusion and misunderstanding

√ Verbs matter too. How smart, relevant, thought-provoking verbs strengthen your creative brief and inspire your creatives

√ Why you should never write a creative brief by yourself

√ How a brain-teasing exercise I call The Einstein Challenge contributes to more inspiring creative briefs

√ How to fix a broken creative brief process

√ Common brief mistakes and how to correct them

√ The liberating nature of constraint

√ What’s important about the empty chair

And much more.

Seats Are Limited!
Workshop seats are limited to 10 per session to guarantee an intimate experience in the most optimal learning environment.

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Art Director Clark Evans and Creative Director/copywriter Cameron Day talk about their workshop experience.

Instructor Howard Ibach shares an insight about brief writing.

There’s Never A Dull Moment in This Workshop. You’ll Also:

√ Examine iconic brand backstories, and the role played by the creative brief

√ Reverse-engineer brand campaigns to figure out the brief

√ Identify tactics and strategies that will help you create an inspired creative brief

√ Participate in exercises that illustrate crucial processes in creating killer creative briefs

Bottom Line: When you attend my How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief Workshop, you’ll value both the experience, and the insights. And you’ll actually enjoy yourself—as you engage in lively discussions with like-minded professionals, share your perceptions, and debate, all while becoming more assured in your own abilities which will lead to a renewed enthusiasm in your job. You’ll save time and money, and clients will be more satisfied with the results. Don’t put it off—register for the How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief Workshop today!

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