Collaborating on a brief and asking for feedback on a brief are two different things.

Good copywriters remember this mantra: “Tell them what you’re gonna tell them, tell them, tell them what you told ‘em.” It’s repetitive, yes, but instructional. The idea is to remember as a sales person (and that’s what copywriters are: we sell stuff with our words), that readers (or viewers or listeners) don’t remember things the […]

Creatives must contribute to the creative brief before the creative briefing.

Well duh. But you’d be surprised how often this seemingly obvious piece of advice is never followed. I remember a workshop I delivered to an ANA member a few years ago. It was for a national paint brand. When I asked about their existing process, I was told that marketers, who typically wrote briefs for […]

Who is the real culprit behind bad creative briefs?

The people who screw up the creative brief are not likely to read this essay. That’s too bad. They need a serious talking to. The thing is, I don’t know who they are by name, but I do know their identities by title or role within a client’s organization. Notice I don’t mention ad agencies. While […]

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