The lazy way to write a target-audience description.

Bullets should be banned. Sorry, gun fans, I don’t mean ammo. I mean those pesky black dots that show up on creative briefs everywhere. Like this: The bullets are usually followed by useless acronyms and marketing-speak such as HHI, 24-49, and other lingo. This is not thinking, it’s rote nonsense. Remember what Dave Trott said: […]

E75: Why do brief writers struggle writing a target audience description?

Airs July 20, 2022 This week, Henry Gomez ( and I return to Creative Brief Basics, a “nuts and bolts” topic. It’s old news that never gets old: Target Audience. Some brief writers forget how to dig to understand who their communication is meant to speak to. The lazy answer sometimes is, “Well, everyone.” Everyone […]

Think you know what a creative brief is? Allow me to surprise you.

What’s your definition of a creative brief? If you say it’s a road map for your creative team about your product, not bad. If you call it your brand’s North Star, I’d say good answer. But I want you to think differently about the brief. Here’s a twist I’d like you to consider: A creative […]

Six questions creatives must ask about a creative brief before the briefing.

Wait, you don’t see the brief until the project kicks off? You look through the document for the first time as you listen to the briefing? Whoa. That’s a problem. You’re a creative. You have to make magic from the words on this page (let’s hope it’s only one page, maybe half a second page). […]

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