The creative brief writer’s worst enemy.

We love to beat up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even LinkedIn, and the entirety of the internet for our ills. But there is a larger point not enough of us are willing to say or even think. Social media and the vast online swamp are not to blame. They are the symptoms. Without the smartphone, […]

Dave Trott says a creative brief is about thinking, not writing. Well, not quite.

With due respect to the legendary creative director and author, from whom I’m still eagerly awaiting his acceptance of my request to connect on LinkedIn, I think Mr. Trott is half right. A creative brief is absolutely about thinking. But writing is not unimportant. In fact, I’d say a great creative brief is equal parts […]

Why “I” is better than “we” on a creative brief.

After years of preaching that the creative brief is about the content, not the template, I’m about to commit heresy. I’ve changed my mind. But only a little. The creative brief template is just a set of questions, sometimes statements, requiring thoughtful responses. Emphasis on the word thoughtful. Now I think that is not enough. […]

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