117: A conversation with Jim Melzer, creative director and brief devotee

Jim Melzer comes to us this week on The Brief Bros. from Santa Fe, NM. He represents a segment of our industry we have not explored and that makes Jim a unique guest. Jim has been a copywriter and creative director at legacy shops in Minneapolis including Colle McVoy, Miller Meester, Martin Williams and Clarity Coverdale, among others. His specialty: agriculture. And a close examination of his resume and portfolio reveals an astute creative mind driven by strategy and ideas, and a respect for a well-written creative brief. Jim’s work is proof that brands vital to and cherished by our ag industry in the heart of this country value and demand great thinking. And if you can find a way to have fun communicating the benefits of an insecticide, you can solve any problem. A lesson we can all appreciate. This was a memorable conversation.

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