167: Meet Todd Turner, creator of laugh-out-loud creative training tool, Wash-A-Pig.

Todd Turner is a talented graphic designer who’s carved out a fun niche in Out of Home. Lately, he’s formed a partnership with Richard Molinaro called Up to Something in North Carolina. Todd and Richard create unforgettable OOH for brands, agencies and media companies. But it’s Todd’s side gig that grabbed our attention. Henry Gomez and I talked to Todd about his crazy fun and powerfully effective training tool called…Wash-a-Pig.

What’s a graphic designer doing concocting a cool concepting tool for copywriters?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Because Todd shared his story in this week’s episode. You’ll hoot and spit out your milk ’cause it’s a provative device to rev up your creative juices. And Todd tells us how it all got started. Don’t miss this fun conversation.

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