172: Young ad pros get to predict Cannes winners

Henry Gomez and I bring you two young advertising talents who started The Loudest Roar last year, which they call the “Cannes Lion Fantasy League.” It’s an online communmity for young professionals to predict the winners at Cannes, and it’s growing in popularity worldwide.

We’re delighted to welcome Chirag Khushalani and Samita Balakrishnan, two strategists both of whom are from India. Chirag lives and works in Dubai, while Samita is in India. She grew up in an indigenous community, the Badagas, in southern India.

The Loudest Roar is the brainchild of Chirag. Last year, it its first outing, over 300 creatives around the globe weighed in with their predictions. He’ll tell you more about that in this episode.

There’s still time to make your prediction. So watch and marvel at what Chirag, Samita and others have assembled to draw more young ad professionals to perhaps the most well-known creative festival in advertising.

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