175: Jon Steel, author of Truth, Lies & Advertising.

Jon Steel‘s book, Truth, Lies & Advertising is the bible for strategy, creative briefs and what makes great creative campaigns. Now in its 26th year, it remains fresh and relevant, even if the advertising referenced in it are from the 20th Century. His thinking proves that new and shiny pales against fundamentals and fundamental truths.

Henry Gomez and I are proud and delighted that Jon chose to be with us this week. We delved deep into his thinking about this book. And we asked him about his early days, first with Stanley Pollitt at BMP in London, later as the first director of planning at Goodby Silverstein in San Francisco. There he worked on iconic brands including “got milk?” Sega, Nike and others.

Jon’s influence on these and other brilliant creative campaigns resonates today. In our wide-ranging conversation, Jon reflects on his early influences, the challenges of being the first account planner at Goodby, his thoughts on his book today, and more. It’s a one-hour master class from a master strategist. Don’t miss it.

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