E57: On the road with Faris Yakob, co-founder of Genius Steals.

Airs March 9, 2022

Faris Yakob is a writer, thinker, teacher and an internationally recognized advocate for the creative brief. He is also half of Genius Steals with his wife Rosie. Together, they are a nomadic creative and strategic consultancy who travel with world.

In this episode of The Brief Bros., Henry Gomez (http://henrylouisgomez.com) and I (https://howardibach.com) caught up with Faris in Mexico City. We had an in-depth conversation about the central role the creative brief plays in executing brand strategy.

In the process, we plumbed only a fraction of Faris’s fertile brain. Henry and I decided we’ll have to invite him back someday soon.

Be sure to visit the new and improved School of Genius Steals, what they describe as “a digital community for people looking to work smarter not harder.”

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