E67: Writing a creative brief, Part 1

Henry Gomez and I are taking a short break in August, so we’re re-broadcasting three popular episodes: our series on writing a creative brief for Hulu, a spec assignment prompted by viewers on LinkedIn. We’ll see you again in September with new guests and new topics:

Let the writing begin!

Henry Gomez (http://henrylouisgomez.com) and Howard Ibach (https://creativebriefworkshops.com) take the opening steps in the brief writing process, first with exploration and discussion. Henry shares the fruits of his research labor, and together we peel back the layers of the onion to learn more about Hulu. The work we do here pays huge dividends when we start to write our first draft. This is the heavy lifting all brief writers tackle, but if you love research and understanding people, this is fun.

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