E84: A lively conversation with Professor Mark Ritson.

Airs September 21, 2022

This week, Henry Gomez and I are joined by a luminary in the field of marketing: Professor Mark Ritson. Professor Ritson has earned a well-deserved reputation for pulling no punches in his commentary on and assessment of marketers and their brand management.

Henry is an alum of the two wildly popular and well-attended mini-MBA programs Professor Ritson teaches online. Professor Ritson has the distinction of being both an insightful academic (or ex-academic as he prefers it) who has real-world experience as a marketing consultant for global brands.

In this episode, Professor Ritson brings his keen eye and acerbic wit to The Brief Bros. as he discusses the state of marketing training in the US, when brand purpose makes sense and when it doesn’t and the status of brands in general.

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