E89: A closer look at brand tones

Airs October 26, 2022

Henry Gomez and I tackle another “nuts and bolts” creative brief topic: brand tone of voice.

I have often said in my workshops that if any part of a brief can be cut and pasted from another brief, the “tone of voice” may be a candidate. The brand tone should be the same from one campaign to the next. But after this discussion with Henry, I’ve changed my mind.

Why? It’s too important, and the act of cutting and pasting creates the possibility of taking the brand tone for granted.

Henry and I explore a Crispin Porter Bogusky brief for Burger King to show you why brand tone plays a vital role in defining the brand. And why you should pay close—closer—attention to brand tone. Not just when you write a brief, but when you think about your brand.

Important stuff! Don’t miss this one.

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