Super Bowl Special

Airs February 8, 2021

The Brief Bros.’s first Super Bowl Creative Review! Henry Gomez ( and Howard Ibach ( share their thoughts about 10 Super Bowl spots from Sunday’s big game.

We broke it down by quarter (ours, not the game’s):

1st Quarter Howard best: “Alexa’s Body” (Lucky Generals) Henry Worst: Mercari “Get Your Unused Things Back in the Game” (Rain, the growth agency)

2nd Quarter Howard worst: Cheetos “It wasn’t me” with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher and Shaggy (Goodby Silverstein) Henry best: Uber Eats “Tonight I’ll be eating” (Wayne’s World with Cardi B, Special Group)

3rd Quarter: Henry worst: Doritos 3D #FlatMatthew (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) Howard Best: Indeed: “The Rising” (72 and Sunny)

4th Quarter Weather tech “We never left” (Pinnacle Advertising) Howard worst: Jimmy John’s “Meet the king” (Anomaly)

Overtime: Henry talks about liking A-B/Inbev “Let’s have a beer” (W+K) Howard talks about hating Michelob Ultra “Happy” (W+K)

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