E76: One team or multiple teams—who gets briefed in?

Airs July 27, 2022 A recent guest on TBB, Mark Jenson, lecturer at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the U of Minnesota, recommended a book called Rethink the Business of Creativity. Henry Gomez and I discuss a chapter from a book about how many creative teams at an advertising agency should […]

Why the “one-sentence creative brief” is a false idol.

Who writes a one-sentence creative brief? More to the point, who wants a one-sentence creative brief? I don’t. I doubt creatives want one. Not truly. Oh, I’ve read a few comments on LinkedIn promoting a one-sentence creative brief, pleading for such a creature. But has anyone ever actually read one, worked from one or possessed […]

How to prevent the 11th hour veto.

The creative brief writer’s bane. You’re just about to send the creative team off to begin the project, or you’re about to send your brief to the ad agency, when you get a call or an email. Stop. The brief needs work. Signed, your boss. What happened? Here are some pointers to smooth the way, […]

Creatives must contribute to the creative brief before the creative briefing.

Well duh. But you’d be surprised how often this seemingly obvious piece of advice is never followed. I remember a workshop I delivered to an ANA member a few years ago. It was for a national paint brand. When I asked about their existing process, I was told that marketers, who typically wrote briefs for […]

The one meeting that should always be “standing room only.”

This meeting should raise expectations. This meeting should crackle with electricity. This meeting should always be standing room only. I speak of a regular gathering in both ad agencies and on the client side. A meeting that typically produces yawns and low attendance. Exactly the opposite of what a healthy, thriving brand should inspire. Which […]

Six questions creatives must ask about a creative brief before the briefing.

Wait, you don’t see the brief until the project kicks off? You look through the document for the first time as you listen to the briefing? Whoa. That’s a problem. You’re a creative. You have to make magic from the words on this page (let’s hope it’s only one page, maybe half a second page). […]

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