How to break the first rule of advertising

On July 19, the folks at Faktory, an ad agency in Utah, published a thought-piece on I liked it so much, I posted a link to my LinkedIn page. I still like it. A lot. The premise isĀ elegant and simple: If you want people to not only remember your communication, but to break what […]

When your creative brief process is broken and how to fix it.

Beginning writers tend to learn a lesson about plagiarism the hard way. They commit it unintentionally. They didn’t mean to quote anĀ author without giving him or her due credit, but… Unintentional plagiarism, I can attest from years of classroom experience, is the most likely kind of plagiarism a college freshman blunders into. The problem is, […]

Communication professionals are lousy communicators

I’ve heard this complaint for my entire advertising career. Anyone in the communications business tends to be tone deaf when it comes to being his or her own best advocate. It shows. Even in the age of instant communications and social media, we (and it’s a big group that fits into this we) just suck […]

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