E102: A conversation with Bob Harrison, creative director at Luckie & Company.

Airs January 25, 2023 Bob Harrison is an old friend and colleague from my Minneapolis days. He worked for me as a copywriter when I ran the British Airways NA loyalty programs advertising business. Today, he’s a respected and award-winning creative director/writer at Luckie & Company in Birmingham, AL. And I could not be more […]

E101: A conversation with Mara Rada, chief strategist at Feral Corp.

Airs January 18, 2023 On our way from episode 100, we plunge ahead into our next 100 episodes! Today we bring you a fascinating conversation with Mara Rada, chief strategist at Feral Inc. In a short phrase, Mara and her team launch brands from scratch. Most of us in Adland work on existing brands. Mara […]

E90: This nebulous thing called “strategy.”

Airs November 2, 2022 What comes before the creative brief? Strategy. And what, exactly, is strategy? Good question. The answer is debatable. Henry Gomez and I usually talk about the elements of a creative brief. It’s a document that comes after the strategy has been articulated. All too often, the brief is written without a […]

E73: Winning a Lion at Cannes 2022

Airs July 6, 2022 Today we celebrate my friend, partner and co-host of The Brief Bros., Henry Gomez, who went to Cannes this year with his colleagues from Zubi Advertising in Miami and won a Silver Lion for work the agency produced for Burger King. In this episode, Henry takes us on the wild but […]

E71: A conversation with Russell Davies, former strategist at W+K and Nike.

Airs June 22, 2022 Russell Davies was Strategic Planning Director at Weiden+Kennedy in Portland and Global Consumer Planning Director at Nike. For nine years, he was a contributing editor and columnist at WIRED magazine. Today, he’s CMO at an energy start-up in London called Bulb. Henry Gomez (http://www.henrylouisgomez.com) and Howard Ibach (https://creativebriefworkshops.com) had a wide-ranging […]

E70: A conversation with Andy Nairn

Airs June 15, 2022 Andy Nairn is the author of an insightful and valuable new book, Go Luck Yourself: 40 Ways To Stack The Odds In Your Brand’s Favour. He’s also the founding partner of London’s Lucky Generals, whose clients include Amazon and Virgin Atlantic. Henry Gomez (http://www.henrylouisgomez.com) and Howard Ibach (https://creativebriefworkshops.com) quiz Andy on […]

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