Warmest holiday wishes to one and all, and a Happy New Year!

This year the holidays fall desperately near my posting dates, so I will accommodate you by simply wishing you a wonderful holiday season.
I will resume posting in 2013 with one proviso: I’ll be cutting back from a monthly post to four, possibly six posts. But I’ll maintain my schedule of posting on the third Wednesday of whichever month inspires me. If you are already signed up for email alerts, you’re set. If not, sign up and my posts will be delivered directly to your inbox.

My New Year’s resolution: to publish a second edition of How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief packed with more insights, advice and practical ideas to make brief writing easier. (And now I’m on record!)

A parting thought to tide you over: There is nothing so beautiful as a well-written sentence. Let that be your guide for your next creative brief.

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