Rave review for 2nd edition of How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief

The second edition of How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief, the book Paul Suggett ranks #1 on his list “10 Advertising Books You Absolutely Must Read” has earned an equally prestigious review on his About.com page. 2nd edition book cover
He writes:

In a nutshell, this is a book that can improve the quality of the work coming out of your agency within weeks. And at the same time, improve the morale of everyone, from the sullen copywriter who’s tired of being given flimsy direction, to the creative director exhausted from showing the client work that “isn’t quite what we were looking for.”

He closes with this:

On behalf every creative working in advertising today, thank you Howard Ibach. This is a book no one wanted to write, but everyone wanted to read.

Read the complete Paul Suggett review. Expect publication of the 2nd edition in June 2015. Add your email address to the Feedburner subscription sign up on the left and be the first to receive news of publication.

Thank you Paul!

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