Rocket science not required

Ah, the creative brief. The Rodney Dangerfield of business documents in the ad world. The document everyone loves to hate, that creatives love to ignore, that planners love to futz with, that account folks wish would just, you know, go away.

It doesn’t have to be thus.

So vent here. Share your successes, your horror stories, your ideas, suggestions and comments.

I’ve had more than a few years of experience reading, working from, complaining about and helping others with the creative brief. I hope this blog will be a repository of insights and advice to make the lives of those of us who write creative briefs a little easier.

I’ll include articles, links to other sites and invite others with expertise and experience to weigh in from time to time.

For the record, this blog is affiliated with The Path to Pow! A workshop on writing inspired creative briefs that I started last year.

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