Twas the night before briefing

Twas the night before briefing and all through the shop
Every briefer obsessed o’er the single-minded prop.


Objectives and targets should be clear as a bell

In hopes that creatives can conjur the sell.


The A.D.s and their scribes were ensconced in their cubes

Awaiting the brief. Sarcastic? No enthused!


When out in the hallway there arose such a clatter

The creatives, as one, wondered what was the matter.


It was merely the briefers tap taping away

Their brand voice of good cheer surely paving the way.


With each bold keystroke they unlocked an insight

That creatives, unleashed, would nail oh so tight.


For practice, they knew, was a brief writer’s friend

And off to the creatives the brief they did send.


To work they embarked as if elves on caffeine

The inspirer of concepts, inducing envy pure green.


O’er the rooftops they soared with ads so compelling

They launched more click-throughs, more phone calls, more selling!


A tall tale to bewitch you as the holidays near?

Oh no, not at all, for one truth is quite clear.


A figment of youth jolly Santa may be,

But a well-written brief for great thinking is key.


So speak not a word as you set upon your fine work,

Let clarity play guide, shun small thinking and murk.


Rewards they will come, happy clients galore—

All await the brief writer, and maybe much more.


Twas the night before briefing and all through the shop

Every briefer o’er joyed with her single-minded prop—


And we heard her exclaim as she headed out of sight,

Merry brief writing to all, and to all a good night!



To my friends and readers:


May warmth, peace and love fill you wherever you may be on Planet Earth this holiday season.

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