What President Obama might say about writing a creative brief

Whether you voted for him or not, President Obama changed the nature of campaigning in this country by doing something that anyone whose job it is to write a creative brief will understand.
Barack Obama demonstrated a mastery at a public narrative that connected us to a core set of values we share about America and linked those values to a challenge that required action.

He was able to tell us a story we could relate to, engage in and support.

As brand advocates and guardians, we who make our living in the communication business get what it means to tell a story.That’s what the creative brief is: it’s a story about a product or service that requires action.

In particular, the action is taken by the creative team to translate the brief’s story into compelling communication, whether it’s advertising, PR, web related, an event or a series of Tweets. Anything that conveys the message about the brand is a continuation of the brand’s story.

When you think about how ground-breaking the Obama campaign was, you begin to appreciate the power behind a story told well.

Whether you’re running for the highest office in the land, or you’re trying to engage more people in your brand, you better have a great story.
And a great brand story begins with a well-written creative brief.
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