How versus what

Think of the creative brief as more than your way of elucidating the assignment for your creative team. Think of it as an opportunity to influence the creative results. When you do that, you realize how important your task is. And why the document deserves serious treatment. 

When you write an inspired creative brief, it's the equivalent of stating your value to the team. Don't forget that.

Which is why you need to go beyond stating what the assignment is, usually crystalized in the single-minded proposition, and offer your ideas about how to do it as well.

But wait, you say, that's the job of the creatives!

No, it's your job too. It's your responsibility. It's your opportunity.

If your creative brief template doesn't have a "creative starters" box, I suggest you add one. Or maybe the easier thing to do is to think about creative starters and put your ideas somewhere else on the creative brief.

I know it may be intimidating to suggest creative ideas to a team of creatives, but if you can step back for just a sec and understand that your thoughts are intended as nothing more than step one, it's easier to relax and not feel pressured.

And it's not like you'll be writing headlines. You're making creative suggestions.

So use phrases like this:

Perhaps you could focus on…

Maybe you might want to consider…

Think about…

Or, you could use the first person so the creative team can start thinking like the person using the product or service:

I used XX so I could…

I wanted to do…

I liked the idea of…

The point is, you're the conduit for the brand to the creative team, so you have a point of view. You need to make sure the creative brief reflects a point of view. This section of the brief, wherever you put these starters, should have many ideas that spring from your point of view.

Chances are they'll all be rejected. So what. It's like you're the parent whose child doesn't listen to you, at least that's the way the kid wants you to think. Behind your back, when he thinks you're not looking, she's actually considering what you've said. 

Creatives need to start somewhere. Give them a stepping off point.

Your how is the place to begin.

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