E91: A conversation with Patricia Yanez from ESPN.

Airs November 9, 2022 Henry Gomez and I welcome Patricia Yanez, Associate Director, Brand & Original Content Marketing at ESPN. Patricia came to my attention through our friend Professor Richard L. Gant at NYU, a past guest on #thebriefbros. Patricia gave a talk to Professor Gant’s Event Marketing & Strategies class. Turns out, Patricia is […]

Collaborating on a brief and asking for feedback on a brief are two different things.

Good copywriters remember this mantra: “Tell them what you’re gonna tell them, tell them, tell them what you told ‘em.” It’s repetitive, yes, but instructional. The idea is to remember as a sales person (and that’s what copywriters are: we sell stuff with our words), that readers (or viewers or listeners) don’t remember things the […]

E90: This nebulous thing called “strategy.”

Airs November 2, 2022 What comes before the creative brief? Strategy. And what, exactly, is strategy? Good question. The answer is debatable. Henry Gomez and I usually talk about the elements of a creative brief. It’s a document that comes after the strategy has been articulated. All too often, the brief is written without a […]

The most valuable commodity a brief writer needs: Time.

I think many, perhaps most, strategists and account planners would agree that time is the commodity they desire most. Time to think, time to read, time to interview and especially time to write a brief. Multiple drafts. Not the only commodity, perhaps, but one they cherish, and also regret when it is lacking. And if […]

E89: A closer look at brand tones

Airs October 26, 2022 Henry Gomez and I tackle another “nuts and bolts” creative brief topic: brand tone of voice. I have often said in my workshops that if any part of a brief can be cut and pasted from another brief, the “tone of voice” may be a candidate. The brand tone should be […]

The two most common mistakes marketers make when they write a brief.

Thanks to research by my friends Matt Davies and Pieter-Paul von Weiler at betterbriefs.com, we now have valuable insights into the yawning chasm between perception and reality on the subject of briefs written by clients and delivered to ad agencies. Specifically, briefs written by marketers. Whether the briefs are delivered to outside agencies or in-house […]

E88: Classic Creative Review

Airs October 19, 2022 Henry Gomez and I take you back in time once again to review three classic television spots. First up is called “Stunt City” by Lowe London for Sure anti-perspirant. Next, a Fallon TV spot for John Lewis called “Monty the Penguin.” Finally, a spot called “The Epic Split” for Volvo Trucks […]

“You miss 100% of shots you don’t take.”

Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky said these words. The line is both axiomatic and a tautology, but a necessary reminder to all of us. I use it here as a cudgel to berate creative brief writers: It’s all or nothing, baby. Too many creative briefs are shots not taken. I’ve read many paeans to […]

E87: A review of two student creative briefs.

Airs October 12, 2022 Henry Gomez and I try something new—again—in this week’s episode of #thebrierbros. We share with you two creative briefs written by a student for class project. This brief writer is now a working professional strategist and (full disclosure) I have used both of these briefs in my creative brief workshops. Henry […]

Never give up. Never surrender.

I’m not certain whether quoting Tim Allen is a good thing or a bad thing. I only know that it’s the right thing. His utterance is the answer to a question I asked myself recently: Why do you keep fighting the fight about creative briefs? Tim Allen, a.k.a. Captain Jason Nesmith in the romp called […]

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