154: An insider’s look at AI.

Love it or hate it, AI is here to stay. But like all new toys, what we don’t understand tends to scare us. So this week, The Brief Bros. invited Sherry Horowitz, the self-described AI Conjurer, to talk about the intricacies of creating imagery with AI using language prompts. Her deep knowledge revealed how hard […]

153: Conflict helps us overcome creative hurdles.

We welcome the creative chairman of BBDO/Singapore, Tay Guan Hin, to this week’s episode of The Brief Bros. Henry Gomez and I asked Guan about his career in art and graphic design. Guan revealed a common thread among many creatives: his parents had other plans for him. But his passions led him to advertising anyway. […]

152: Marketing versus creative brief

This week, Henry Gomez and I discuss a video posted by Julian Cole, a link to which we included below. He explains the differences between a marketing and a creative brief. Julian is a noted strategist, teacher and mentor to young strategists. And we have invited him to be a guest on The Brief Bros […]

151: Ben Levy shows us how to present creative like a pro, Part 2

Join us in Part 2 of our conversation with Ben Levy, creative director and presentation coach at SellItGreat.com. Henry Gomez and I ask Ben about “nuts ‘n bolts” problems all presenters face. Ben shares his insights on how to make better presentations. He gives us a hint of what his training can do to make […]

150: Ben Levy shows us how to present creative like a pro.

Presentation Coach Ben Levy has made just about every mistake you can imagine as a presenter of creative work. And he’ll show you how you can avoid them in his training on creative presentations. This week on The Brief Bros., Ben is our guest in a two-part episode. He is the founder and Head Coach […]

149: Write better creative briefs with Howard’s workshops.

From the “Shameless Commerce Division” of The Brief Bros. (no apologies to Car Talk’s Click & Clack), today Henry Gomez quizzes me about my creative brief workshops, my promise to attendees who want to learn how to write better briefs, my teaching philosophy and how I got started. You can get the details at creativebriefworkshops.com. […]

148: The best of the Brief Bros. in 2023.

As our first episode of the New Year, Henry Gomez and I review 2023 and talk about what stood out for us on The Brief Bros. Amazingly enough, Henry and I wrapped up our third year together! And we still like each other! Enjoy this conversation as we share our thoughts on what mattered most […]

147: Tim Brunelle builds a creative brief coach with ChatGPT

This week on The Brief Bros. Henry Gomez and I review and discuss a tool created by a friend and past guest, Tim Brunelle, called the Creative Brief Coach. ChatGPT is everywhere, causing either havoc or joy depending on your point of view. Tim’s tool is a worthy topic because he laid out the details […]

146: Reviewing a creative brief for Tango carbonated soft drink.

Henry Gomez and I review an undated creative brief for the UK’s famous soft drink Tango, ad agency unknown (if you’re privy to the info, please share in the comments section). I featured this brief in my first book on the creative brief, and I included it in my rotating list of briefs for my […]

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