E91: A conversation with Patricia Yanez from ESPN.

Airs November 9, 2022 Henry Gomez and I welcome Patricia Yanez, Associate Director, Brand & Original Content Marketing at ESPN. Patricia came to my attention through our friend Professor Richard L. Gant at NYU, a past guest on #thebriefbros. Patricia gave a talk to Professor Gant’s Event Marketing & Strategies class. Turns out, Patricia is […]

E84: A lively conversation with Professor Mark Ritson.

Airs September 21, 2022 This week, Henry Gomez and I are joined by a luminary in the field of marketing: Professor Mark Ritson. Professor Ritson has earned a well-deserved reputation for pulling no punches in his commentary on and assessment of marketers and their brand management. Henry is an alum of the two wildly popular […]

E80: A conversation with Charlotte Mair, founder/managing director, The Fitting Room

Airs August 24, 2022 Henry Gomez and I welcome Charlotte Mair, named by Ad Age as one of the Leading Women Europe 2021. She is the founder and managing director of her own cultural marketing agency, The Fitting Room. Charlotte’s story will resonate with American viewers. She started with virtually nothing in her bank account, […]

E79: A conversation with Giles Edwards, co-founder of Gasp!

Airs August 17, 2022 Henry Gomez and I welcome Giles Edwards from the UK, creative director and co-founder of Gasp! Giles is also the host of a podcast called Call To Action. Giles interviews creative talent on his podcast, but today, he’s our guest. He discusses his beginnings, the challenges of starting his own agency, […]

E78: Classics Creative Review

Airs August 10, 2022 Our ongoing series of Classics Creative Reviews continues this week with some, well, classics. Henry and I begin our Classics review with a 1983 spot for the Yellow Pages by Abbot Mead Vicar in the UK. Next up is a Dancer Fitzgerald Sample classic for Wendy’s called Where’s the beef? Remember […]

E77: Why do marketers hate marketing?

Airs August 3, 2022 Two thought pieces caught our attention this week. The first is by John Long titled “What’s with all the advertising leaders hating on advertising?” The other is by our friend George Tannenbaum called “Ding-Dongs of Doom” on his blog. Each essay has its own argument, but Henry Gomez and I found […]

E73: Winning a Lion at Cannes 2022

Airs July 6, 2022 Today we celebrate my friend, partner and co-host of The Brief Bros., Henry Gomez, who went to Cannes this year with his colleagues from Zubi Advertising in Miami and won a Silver Lion for work the agency produced for Burger King. In this episode, Henry takes us on the wild but […]

E71: A conversation with Russell Davies, former strategist at W+K and Nike.

Airs June 22, 2022 Russell Davies was Strategic Planning Director at Weiden+Kennedy in Portland and Global Consumer Planning Director at Nike. For nine years, he was a contributing editor and columnist at WIRED magazine. Today, he’s CMO at an energy start-up in London called Bulb. Henry Gomez (http://www.henrylouisgomez.com) and Howard Ibach (https://creativebriefworkshops.com) had a wide-ranging […]

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