157: A manifesto for Avis, or is it?

What is a manifesto? Is it a creative brief? Or like a creative brief? And how does a so-called “manifesto” help us understand a brand? These are some of the questions Henry Gomez and I discuss today on The Brief Bros. We review and dissect one of seventeen brand manifestos, this one for Avis, posted […]

When we pretend we’re not influencers.

In our work as brand builders, there is always a line drawn somewhere between good taste and bad taste, and always this line is arbitrary. But is there also a line between right and wrong when it comes to our work for brands? Can a brand message be more than just in bad taste, but […]

E98: Final Creative Review for 2022

Airs December 28, 2022 Henry and I review two new spots for our final Creative Review of 2022. The first spot is for the latest Covid booster by Pfizer Biontech by Fierce Pharma Marketing. Spot number two is by Luck Generals, whose work we’ve reviewed before. This one is a new Christmas spot for Amazon. […]

E97: A conversation with Matt Ryan, senior strategist at Popcorn

Airs December 21, 2022 Matt Ryan’s official title is Sr. Director of Communication Plans, which is a fancy way of describing his role as the top strategist for Universal Resort Orlando’s in-house ad agency, Popcorn. Henry and I had a chance to talk in depth with Matt about the laudable process Popcorn developed to foster […]

E96: Another conversation with Cameron Day, author of Spittin’ Chiclets.

Airs December 14, 2022 He’s back! Our friend Cameron Day, author of The Advertising Survival Guide—Stage One: Launch and Ascent: Chew With Your Mind Open, and our guest about 10 months ago, returns for another wide-ranging and fun conversation. This time, Henry Gomez and I welcome Cam back to talk about his new book, The […]

E95: A conversation with Leticia Rita, co-founder, HolaBrief.com

Airs December 7, 2022 Henry Gomez and I welcome Leticia Rita, co-founder of an online creative brief platform called HolaBrief.com. It’s a free customizable briefing template designed for small to medium-sized agencies, design firms and start-ups. Leticia, a former creative, comes to us from Spain. She felt a similar pang of frustration as I did […]

E94: Creative Review—Northern Tool + Equipment

Airs November 30, 2022 Henry Gomez and I bring you another Creative Review this week. Our aim with these Reviews is to focus on real products. Northern Tool + Equipment fits the bill perfectly. NT+E is one of the nation’s leading retailers of high-quality tools and equipment for professionals and DIYers. Today we discuss and […]

E93: A conversation with Paul MacFarlane.

Airs November 23, 2022 Henry Gomez and I welcome one of our more devoted viewers and fans, Paul MacFarlane. He’s also a fellow traveler committed to writing and advocating for great creative briefs. His work as a creative director and brand strategist for his own company, The 1101 Experiment, demonstrates how he puts walks the […]

E86: A conversation with Steve Harrison

Airs October 5, 2022 This week, Henry Gomez and I take great pride in welcoming Steve Harrison, author of Can’t Sell Won’t Sell, a sober and compelling argument against the ad industry’s sad slide into prizing social justice over selling. Steve has earned his bona fides as a creative thinker and leader, having won a […]

Why creative briefs fail.

I tip my hat to Tim Brunelle, copywriter, creative director, strategist, lover of creative briefs, and a recent guest on The Brief Bros., for inspiring this post in response to a question put to him by my friend and co-host Henry Gomez. I’ll give you four reasons why I think a creative brief fails, plus […]

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