You know them, you love them, you probably buy or use some of them. Now take a look under the hood at the briefs that produced campaigns you’ve seen and some you’ve never heard of. Some are real, some are spec, some were written by students. All can teach us something valuable.


A brief brief from Paul MacFarlane at the 1101 experiment for a project he did for Apple. View Apple Brief

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Burger King

A legacy fast-food brand, BK has a long history of outstanding creative work. The brief was written by Crispin Porter + Bogusky in the mid-2000s.

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Butterfield’s Candy

Short and to the point, Paul MacFralane’s brief for Butterfield’s Candy relies on a fun insight. From the 1101 experiment. View Butterfield’s Brief

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Ello by Mattel

Ello is a toy that Mattel targeted to little girls aged 5-10. The London agency glue produced this brief for a 2003 project. View Brief

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